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Financial Laws and Tzedaka

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Mistaken Marked PriceMistaken Marked Price
If an item in a store is marked with a certain price, and when I go to pay at the cashier the computer reads out a much lower price, am I obligated to inform the cashier?
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    Owning Stock In "Traife Companies"
    Is it permitted to own stock in companies that earn money from forbidden activities? Is investing in index funds any different?
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    The Bankrupt Borrower
    Does the Halacha recognize the concept of bankruptcy, or is the borrower still obligated to cover his debt?
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    Civil Litigation
    An essential article about going to Jewish court of law.
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    A Yiddishe Cup
    The groom who just couldn't break the glass until the Rav came up with a briliant idea...
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    I found oil in my backyard, who should profit from it?
    Does the Torah command us to divide any of our profits? Does the state own its natural resources?
  • קיבלתי כסף - לא עשיתי חסד?
    Paying Cash to Avoid Taxes
    I was offered a big discount if I pay cash. I assume it is in order to avoid paying taxes. Would I be responsible if I were likely facilitating an illegal practice?
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    How Does a "Heter Iska" Work?
    What is the prohibition of "Ribbit"? who does it apply on? How does the "Heter Iska" bypass the prohibition?
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    Purim Mishaps
    We will be discussing Purim Mishaps. If an inebriated Purim drop-in damaged some property in our house. May we collect damages?
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