Terms and Conditions

Yeshiva site offers you various services for free ("The services"). The services include, among others, reading content, receiving email containing Shiurim and Q&A, participating in forums and more. The services are updated and change from time to time. New services are added and others might be removed.

The following terms define your rights and obligations while using the services.

In order to confirm your agreement to these terms please check the suitable checkbox. If you do not agree to these terms do not check the box; In this case you will not be able to use any of the services.

Privacy Protection

Yeshiva will operate in accordance with the provisions of any law regarding the privacy of the users, and will not disclose information in relation to the details of the user with the exception of people who are authorized by law, except for details and public information published by the user.

Yeshiva may disclose the user's personal information, including IP address and any content uploaded by him to the website through the various platforms appearing therein, to competent authorities or to third parties, or for its own purposes, at Yeshiva's own discretion, and according to the requiring circumstances. Yeshiva may limit or block, temporarily or permanently, the use of the website and the information therein to a user who has used the information in contravention of any law and / or contrary to the provisions of this Terms and Conditions or for any other probable cause.

The user agrees that Yeshiva may activate and send identification files to the user, which will enable it to identify the computer from which the user is accessing the site (such as cookies) and to use the obtained information.

The user knows and agrees that Yeshiva may use any such information for the purpose of monitoring and / or supervision and / or development and / or maintaining the quality, level and integrity of the Services and / or for compliance with any law, and / or its requirements, including services and surveys that it would edit from time to time.

The user hereby agrees that Yeshiva may send to the email address, which he provided with updates and / or material and / or advertising and / or marketing information, and any user who does not agree is required to notify Yeshiva in writing.

Advertising Through the Services

The services will be available to you free of charge. However, Yeshiva may integrate ads and commercial messages. To the extent that it is possible, these ads and messages will be integrated in a way diffirentiating them from the content, but they may refer to the content indirectly. Remember: the services are available to you free of charge on condition that you agree to view ads and commercial content, as aforementioned.

For the same reason, Yeshiva may send information regarding it's services and marketing and advertising information once in a while - whether it is advertising by itself, or sending information received for instant message by other advertisers. At any time you may ask to stop receiving the aforesaid information. However, in this case Yeshiva may decide you are no longer entitled to enjoy the services and to terminate you membership in Yeshiva community. However, Yeshiva will not pass your personal information to advertisers.

Yeshiva may contact you by phone or via email and ask for your support and assisstance in running the site. You may refuse and this will not damage in any way your eligibility to continue enjoying the free services given by Yeshiva.

While registering, you will be required to provide personal information, such as your name, address, and contact methods including but not limited to e-mail address and / or phone number. The required fields, are explicitly marked. Providing the required information is not obligated by law. However, without providing the required data in the required fields, you will not be able to register for the services.

You are asked to follow carefully the details and provide only correct details. If you do not provide correct details, Yeshiva will not be able to contact you if necessary. You will be held responsible for any consequences arising therefrom, and you will not have any claim and / or demand against Yeshiva. When registering, you will be asked to enter an e-mail address and password. This email address and password will be used by you for any use of the website Services and for identification purposes. Keep your password confidential to prevent abuse. Be sure to change your password as frequently as possible, and at least every six months.

The website team does it's best to protect your data from attacks, but in any case the user will not have any claim for the theft of user information or for any other use of the information. In addition, Yeshiva website does not bear any responsibility for the mailing sent to subscribers.

Changes in the Services

Yeshiva may change the structure, look, availability, scope or any other aspect of its services from time to time - including collecting a fee for one service or another - all without needing to inform you in advance. Such changes will be conducted, taking into account the dynamic nature of the internet and technological and other changes which occur in it. Such changes, naturally, may be bound with diffirent faliures or discomfort etc. You will not have any claim and/or demand towards Yeshiva for conducting such changes or problems which may occur by the way of making them.

Yeshiva may charge you for using the services, even if they were free at first. A message on the intention of charging for these services will be posted on Yeshiva's main page at least 10 days in advance. After closing the sevices for payment, you may not continue using them or viewing their content (including content you have posted) without paying the requested payment.

Cancelation of Services

Yeshiva may stop providing all or any part of it's free services at any time, for any reason, including your violation of these terms. Stopping the services may be to all of Yeshiva's users, or only for some of them.


Yeshiva's services do not include technichal support. Yeshiva will make an effort to answer your messages about technichal issues, received by email only, but is not obligated to do so.

Contacting Yeshiva will be done via the "Contact Us" form on the site.

Changes in this Agreement

Yeshiva may change the terms applying to the use of its services from time to time, provided that it will post a notice a week in advance on the site's homepage. The notice will include the corrected version of the terms or will refer to it. If you continue use of the services after such a message, you will be seen as agreeing to the new terms. If you don't agree to them, your only right is to cease usage of the services and you will not have any claim and / or demand towards Yeshiva.

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