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inn7Philanthropist Eugen Gluck passes away
Eugen Gluck, a Holocaust survivor who later played pivotal role in reestablishment of Jewish life in Judea and Samaria, passes away at 92.
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    The date of Independence Day
    Why did we move yom Haatzmaut a day early this year?
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    On this day we need to see how we respond to suffering when it occurs and dedicate ourselves to serve the Jewish people
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    Minhag Hamakom
    Does the law of Minhag Hamakom still exist in our days? There are so many different types of people in one area that it's hard to apply.
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    To Drink or Not to Drink?
    Since the Purim miracle occurred in wine rites, there is an apparent duty to drink wine. But is it an absolute duty?
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    Purim Mishaps
    We will be discussing Purim Mishaps. If an inebriated Purim drop-in damaged some property in our house. May we collect damages?
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    Happy Month!
    Why are we instructed to rejoice from the beginning of Adar and not only on the 14th?
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    Cholent Pot
    May I take a potato kugel that was on a hot plate on Shabbat and put it into a cholent that is in a crockpot?
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    carrying in a city
    Carrying in Public and the Use of an Eruv - Never underestimate the psak and advice of your rav!
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    Is papaya a tree?
    we are going to discuss an aspect of Tu Bishvat this week. For those who want to read more about the holiday themes of Tu Bishvat, you can check on under the search words orlah or fourth year .
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    Lights Of T'shuva
    Not only in the month of Elul - A number of tools for progress in relations with God due to chapter 20 in Orot Hateshuva
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