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shutterstock_Skylines How to Study Kabbalah
Who and how is it permitted to learn Kabbalah?
  • "Don't Be Too Machmir"
    The Living Torah, or Torat Chaim, must not contradict normal life, & is not meant to aggravate nor make life difficult. Rav Kook teaches that God is described as "Melech Chafetz baChaim", and the physical world of work and even the secular aspects of life, should not be looked down upon. To the contrary, we should want to achieve and complete our plans in life, even in the field of hygiene and work. Especially in Eretz Yisrael, where the physical is also holy. Halacha, both Torah and rabbinic, is exact, and it's important to be meticulous, but not overly stringent, at the expense of life. Rav Kook provides a philosophic and hashkafic base for modern orthodoxy, and not shunning the secular world or secular studies.
  • איגוד ישיבות ההסדר 1.JPG
    Why Do Rabbis Argue So Often?
    Anyone who has entered a Beit Midrash, is puzzled with the question of why are there so many differences of opinions, and why they're always arguing?
  • Don't Just be Religious: Be Godly!
    In general there are 3 ways of coming close to God: most common, either through emotion or intellect, but then Judaism adds: or to be "similar" [=close] to Him. The greatest gift that He could give us is the "Tzelem Elohim", or capability of imitateo dei, being Godly. The she'ur discusses the advantages & disadvantages of each approach to Him. Most importantly, we can't understand His Essence, but we can amd should understand His actions. This is the ultimate in both the Rambam's rational and also the kabbalistic approach to Judaism. Rav Kook explains that the 13 traits of God, as well as the 10 sfirot, all detailus what to emulate. This has far-reaching ramifications for prayer, study as well as defining our goal and potential in life!
  • The Mysterious Sefer Torah
    When Stuart Mintz's life is saved twice by a Sefer Torah, he begins retracing his steps wondering if it might be the same one. A moving story that reminds us how Torah protects and supports those who support and uphold it.
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