The Tenth Of Tevet

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The Tenth Of Tevet
The Tenth Of Tevet in
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  • From Destruction to Revival
    Rav Tzvi Yehuda Hakohen Kook, saw the terrible destruction of the Shoah in the context of the great construction of the Redemption. While the Exile was being all but destroyed, he Nation of Israel was being built up in its homeland.
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    The Tenth Day Of Tevet
    A shiur by Rabbi Berel Wein explainig how to commemorate the enormous events that have occurred to us in the last century.
  • גדולה מהחיים
    Special Days of Tevet
    What happened on the eighth, ninth, and tenth of Tevet? What are the Halachot of these days?
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    The Four Fasts of the Destruction
    After the First Temple was destroyed, the Prophets instituted fasts marking the tragic events surrounding the Destruction and the ensuing exile of the Jewish People.
  • The State of Israel as the Moral Answer to the Holocaust
    The State of Israel with her Jewish army, is clearly the national answer to the Holocaust, but Rav Kook sees it also as the moral answer, to bring morality not only to individuals, but also to the masses and the nations, as the Or LaGoyim, Light for the Nations. In short, Yom HaAtzma'ut should be the answer to Yom haShoah, in both security and ethics.
  • The Cause of & the Solution to Antisemitism
    Much has been written on the cause of Anti-Semitism, but, as usual, Rav Kook has an innovative take on the issue. The she'ur deals with this unique historic phenomenon of hate, but also sees the light, regarding the optimistic, but inevitable solution. Am Yisrael, as the conscience of mankind, inevitably is going to be hated until the world matures, but maturation is just an issue of time.
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    Is Remembering the Holocaust Important?
    Should we remember what the modern-day Amalek did to us just as we must remember what the original Amalek did?
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    The Laws of the Tenth of Tevet
    If I wake up in the middle of the night, can I eat? Can one rinse his mouth during the fast? I accidentally broke the fast, should I continue fasting? Who exempted from the fast?
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