The Tenth Of Tevet

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The Tenth Of Tevet
The Tenth Of Tevet in
Times for Fast of Tenth of Tevet
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  • 6. One Who Forgets That It Is a Fast Day
    One who accidentally eats or drinks on a fast day must continue fasting, because these days were instituted as fast days due to the distress that we experienced on them.
  • 5. Rinsing One’s Mouth
    Le-khatĥila, one should not wash his mouth on the minor fasts, because there is concern that one might swallow drops of water.
  • 4. Eating and Drinking Before Dawn
    Even though the fast starts at alot ha-shaĥar, one’s prohibition to eat sometimes begins the night before.
  • 2. The Laws of the Minor Fasts
    since we no longer suffer from harsh decrees and religious persecution, and, on the other hand, the Holy Temple is still in ruins, the status of the minor fasts currently depends on the will of the Jewish people.
  • 1. The Status of the Minor Fasts Today
    The Jewish people observe all the fasts, even in the intermediate situation, and therefore all Jews are obligated to fast on these days.
  • 3. The Duration of the Minor Fasts
    The minor fasts last from dawn (alot ha-shaĥar) until tzeit ha-kokhavim (when three medium-sized stars are visible in the sky).
  • 2. Asara Be-Tevet
    The prophets established a fast day on the tenth of Tevet, because that is when Nebuchadnezzar and his army arrived to besiege Jerusalem.
  • 1. The Institution of the Fasts
    After the destruction of the First Temple, the prophets instituted fast days in commemoration of the terrible events surrounding its destruction and the exile of the Jews from their land.
  • 14. Yom Ha-Sho’a: Holocaust Remembrance Day
    Unlike Yom Ha-zikaron, to which the Chief Rabbinate consented, the Torah sages at the time objected to the establishment of this Remembrance Day (commonly known as Yom Ha-Sho’a) on the 27th of Nisan.
  • בית מקדש
    The Minor Fasts and Their Laws
    Did Jews fast over the destruction of the First Temple when the Second Temple stood? Must pregnant and nursing women abstain from eating and drinking on minor fasts?
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