The Tenth Of Tevet

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The Tenth Of Tevet
The Tenth Of Tevet in
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  • חורבן המקדש
    The Tenth of Tevet
    One day commemorates a variety of Jewish tragedies.
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    From Destruction to Revival
    Rav Tzvi Yehuda Kook, saw the terrible destruction of the Shoah in the context of construction of the Redemption. While the Exile was being destroyed, the Nation of Israel is being built up in its homeland.
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    The Laws of Fast Days
    The destruction of the second Temple is considered more severe than that of the first. So why do we commemorate the Tenth of Tevet which relates to the First Temple?
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    Three Days of Torment
    I remember the trouble that happened to me, He smote me three times on this month... He hit me on the eighth...I was humiliated on the ninth... On the tenth day the siege was laid on Jerusalem
  • 12. Birkat Kohanim at Minha
    On ordinary fast days, when we do not pray Ne’ila, the law depends on when the congregants pray Minĥa. If a congregation that recites Birkat Kohanim prays Minĥa at the same time that Ne’ila would take place, i.e., shortly before shki’a, the Kohanim bless the people
  • 11. The Torah Reading for Fast Days
    During Shaĥarit and Minĥa of public fast days, we read the section of the Torah that describes how God forgave Israel after the sin of the Golden Calf .
  • 10. The Aneinu Prayer
    The Sages prescribed the addition of a special berakha during the ĥazan’s repetition of the Amida on fast days.
  • 7. Sick People Are Exempt from Fasting
    The prophets and the Sages instituted the fasts for healthy people, not for sick people. anyone who is sick is exempt from fasting, even if his condition is not life-threatening.
  • 9. Minors, Bridegrooms, and Soldiers
    The Halacah of fasts reguarding Minors, Bridegrooms, and Soldiers.
  • 8. Pregnant and Nursing Women on Tisha Be-Av and the Minor Fast Days
    Pregnant and nursing women must fast on Tisha Be-Av. However, pregnant and nursing women need not fast on the minor fast.
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