The Ten Days of Repentance

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Israel_photo_galle yPrayer During the Ten Days of Repentance
The "Ten Days of Repentance," as their name indicates, are days set aside for repenting. At this time, each of us must repent wholeheartedly before the arrival of Yom Kippur.
  • Teshuva: Don't Expect a One-Shot Deal
    Yom Kippur is less than a week away, and for many of us, its approach is cause for unease and disquiet. Precisely during this period of the holy High Holidays, poisonous doubts creep into our thoughts and hearts: "Last year I asked forgiveness for my sins and errors; I prayed from the depth of my heart; I promised myself I would not fall into the same traps – and behold, it didn't work! So what's the point of all my teshuva [commitment to return to one's true inner self]? Will anything be different this Yom Kippur than last time or the time before?"
  • מחק
    Undoing The Past
    The past is always prejudicially judged by the current standards of behavior and probity. Thus it is not only the future that is inscrutable; it is the past as well.
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    Judgment on the High Holidays
    How are we judged? Why do the righteous sometimes suffer, and the wicked live the good life in this world? How does the judgment of ‘Clal Yisrael’ affect individual?
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    Prayer During the Ten Days of Repentance
    Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu explains the laws of Davening during the ten days of repentance.
  • Prayer During the Ten Days of Repentance
    Some people have certain prayer customs on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur which are not accurate according to Jewish law. All the same, a person should not hastily renounce a custom which has be handed down from generation to generation.
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