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The Seder Night

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no credit Seder Night
The story of the Exodus must be told in a spontaneous manner, bursting out of the depths of the heart.
  • The Laws of Matza
    A – The Mitzva of Eating Matza; B - Matza Shemura (Protected/Guarded Matza); C – Does the Protection have to be done with the Intention of Fulfilling a Mitzva?; D – The Fitness of Hand-made vs. Machine-made Matzot for the Mitzva of Eating Matza; E – Is there a Special Value in Eating Hand-made Matzot throughout Pesach?; F – Water that has Stayed Overnight; G – Preventing Fermentation during Kneading; H – More Laws about the Matzot;
  • Making Seder Night a Family Experience
    If you want to give family members a sense of participation on Seder night, it is important to involve everybody already at the preparatory stage. Youngsters who prepare in advance will feel a part of the Seder, and they will look forward to it.
  • Afikoman - The Taste of Matza
    The end of the seder is a transitional period. We leave the intense study of y’tzi’at Mitzrayim behind and move on to the time where it will again just be mentioned. Perhaps the taste that lingers is a message. Take some of the intensity and the depth of the seder experience and have it linger on as long as it can.
  • The Light Beyond the Window
    Daily hardships and the momentary pressure of the exile prevent a person from discerning the important processes unfolding in existence. From time to time one must put aside whatever is going on inside the house and go over to look out the window.
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