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no creditA tale of two brothers
How to counter assimilation and alienation from Judaism.
  • מחנה יהודה
    Ahavat Yisrael
    Can you please help me understand the obligation of "Ahavat Yisrael’? Do I really have to love every single jew?
  • Pity on Physical Deformities & Sickness Fixes 'Sin'at Chinam'
    When we see one who has a physical deformity, challenge or sickness, it inevitably awakens pity & kindness, even for those who are total strangers & see from afar. This is the tikun or educational fixing of "Sinat Chinam", needless hate, towards the innocent or even the foreigner. Upon feeling this pity & kindness from others, even the cruel will taste the pleasantness & benefits of this unearned love - "Ahavat Chinam", & society will gradually improve. Rav Kook adds that all people have a Godly spark, a conscience & natural morality, where if they didn't "overcome" it through negative free-will, is just waiting to be realized. & even if one chooses to overcome his goodness, it can be re-awakened through incidents & positive experiences.
  • Rav Kook on: The Beauty, Depth and Universality of Religious Zionism
    As opposed to other types of nationalism/patriotism, which are relatively external, shallow and sometimes even racist, the Religious Zionism of Rav Kook plays an essential universal role in the moral maturation of humanity. Avraham Avinu was told to leave his land and set up a "Great Nation" in Israel who's goal is, even today & forever, to spread monotheism & morality and influence mankind. Am Yisrael as a nation, with a moral and idealistic state, economy, army & culture, plays a universal role. Rav Kook reveals his ingenious connection between monotheism & morality, & convincingly proves rationally how the Biblical "Light to the Nations" is coming true. He explains the central role of utilizing Jewish creativity for cultural influence.
  • Fast Food
    Who gets the food on erev yom kipur the religious jew or the secular jew?
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