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Yeshiva WebsiteThe Curse of Loneliness
The battle against antisemitism can be won, but it will not be if Jews believe that we are destined to be alone. That is Bilaam’s curse, not God’s blessing.
  • The Inner Jewish Spark that Cannot be Extinguished
    Rav Kook explains that there are people whose Jewish segulah is not seen or felt at all, to the point where he could be mistaken for a total Gentile. However, Rav Kook emphasizes, this can only happen to one who has developed a hatred for his Jewish brethren – but that even in this case, his segulah is still there
  • Segula: Part 1: What is Emuna?/When Are We Called "Children" of G-d?
    There are various levels of faith. Jewish faith - emuna - is different than other faiths. Emuna refers not just to a sense of belief, but rather to a connection with Hashem (G-d), and it is via this connection that a Jew directs his life and actions in the world...The very link between the Nation of Israel and Hashem is totally different from that between the rest of humanity and the Divine...
  • The Uniqueness of the Jewish People
    It is one of the principles of our faith that we must know and believe that the Nation of Israel is a nation of segula, a treasured people of a special nature. Another article of faith is that we must know that Israel is separate from others, different in its essence from all other peoples on the face of the earth.
  • Between Israel and the Gentiles
    There has always been a hatred, sometimes hidden, on the part of the gentiles towards Israel, with no explanation and no justification. This hatred is deep-seated and constant, in every place and time. It doesn't matter whether we are successful or not; it's always there. Sometimes they hate Jews because they're capitalist, and sometimes because they're socialist. Here they hate us because they're conservative, and there they loathe us because we're too liberal. They have contempt for us when we're too talented and industrious, even as others accuse us of being useless parasites. Sometimes it's because we are too advanced, and other times it's because we are backward and outdated. There's no one correct reason, and in fact, there is no reason at all...
  • Joining Gentiles
    A non-Jewish client is marrying off his daughter, may I attend and eat or drink something that is kosher? May I attend the company end-of-year parties and picnics? My boss asked me to attend a meeting with a new client in a non-kosher restaurant. Is this permitted, and may I order a cup of coffee or a fruit plate?
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