The Month of Elul

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The Month of Elul
The Month of Elul in
  • "Bring us back in whole-hearted repentance before You”
    There are those who wonder how we can ask God to return us in Teshuva (repentance). After all, Teshuva is our job. I heard once from Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, that every Teshuva contains an aspect of man and an aspect of the Blessed Creator, Who sends man an awakening to repentance.
  • Fear of Elul
    Right now, faced with the prospect of having to turn my life and my emotions upside down, I go into a panic that results in total spiritual paralysis. Fear of Elul.
  • Elul
    There was a time, not so far distant in the past, that it was said in Eastern Europe, that even the fish in the rivers trembled when they heard the announcement that the month of Elul had arrived. That certainly is not the case today.
  • How Can We Take Advantage of Elul?
    How can we take advantage of Elul and not "fall" into the High Holidays each year?
  • Our Generation's "Teshuva From Love"
    Why will this special Messianic generation, of all generations, be in such a sorry spiritual and material state? Logically when Israel improves its ways, they will be worthy of Redemption – so why will it actually be a period of spiritual crisis and other troubles?
  • National (vs. Individual) T'Shuva
    What "national t'shuva" is, how it differs from individual t'shuva, and why it takes precedence in this generation.
  • T'shuva - It's Not What You Think
    one of the elderly Russian women asked Rav Kook's mother, "Tell me, please: We're on our way to the Holy Land to meet our god, but why would you Jews be going there? Mrs. Kook answered without hesitation: "You're going to visit a dead god, but we're going to meet the living G-d."
  • Leaving Our Comfort Zone
    One of the most difficult things in this world is to change. To become more than we are. To realize our true potential. We don't want to change. We'd rather sit by the pool and watch the water-lilies float-to-and-fro. Any true change is painful. The Hebrew month of Elul is the time that demands from us to leave our comfort zone and realize our true spiritual potential.
  • The Teshuva of the Treasury Minister
    A short story and explanation of the power of Teshuva to transform sins into merits
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