The High Holidays

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A shiur by Rabbi Zalman Baruch Melamed regarding the high holidays
  • I'm Finding it Hard to Forgive
    What happens if someone does something bad to someone else, but the perpetrator cannot ask forgiveness (because the other one harmed him physically or verbally)? I have a friend who has hurt me very much, more than once. She knows what she did and has asked forgiveness, but she doesn't really know the extent of what she caused me. I spend lots of time with her and I act as if everything is fine, but deep inside I find it hard to really forgive her; I'm still very hurt. I would like to know what I should do so that I can know how to really forgive her. Is there something I could study on this topic, or maybe something that could help me work on my character or something like that?
  • How Can I Request Forgiveness from Rabbis?
    Shalom. I am not religious. How can I ask forgiveness of rabbis to whom I related in a derogatory manner? I insulted and maligned them… and some of them are no longer living. Thank you. Sincerely, David
  • Elul in Our Generation of Redemption
    A man once came to his rabbi with a complaint: "Rabbi, I work very hard and make hardly any money." The rabbi said, "I can give you a higher paying job, and it's also very easy work." The man jumped with joy and said, "I'll take it!" The rabbi said, "Great. Take this hammer and swing it up and down, over and over at a set pace, and I'll pay you per hour." The man said, "Sounds both easy and profitable," and immediately got to work....
  • National Repentance - Returning to the Land
    That is, the dispersed and exiled nation will arouse to general repentance and will seek to return to the Holy Land. The next stage is that G-d will ingather them together in the Land, no matter how far and wide they are dispersed. This will be a unique display of Divine providence and aid for the ingathering of the Land's children in joy. And then will come the final stage...
  • Make The Call
    A powerful story about courage, humility and forgiveness, that will change your Yom Kippur. When Nancy Baida and Harry Ashkanazi ran into an argument at a Chinese Auction, they never expected it to end the way it did.
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