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The Education of Children and Students

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no creditKipa & Tzitzit for Children
At what age is a child obligated to wear a kippa and tzitzis?
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    Decisions in Education
    One of the wonderful things about childrearing is that according to a child's responses we can identify our own problems.
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    Torah Study or Profession?
    It is best to direct a student according to his talent and ambition.
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    Honor in Education
    Honor, then, is not supposed to create a feeling of distance.
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    "Obtain a Teacher For Yourself"
    How can one assure himself that he will not stumble?
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    The Main Purpose
    How to reach the individual student and build self-esteem should be the main purpose of education.
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    Discipline in the Classroom
    There are certain students who are simply not able to sit 45 consecutive minutes in a class
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    The rabbis have taught us that all beginnings are difficult
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    Internet in Jewish Law
    This article deals with the question of classifying damages caused through Internet usage from the perspective of Jewish law.
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    Teachers and education are in the forefront of the news here in Israel
  • More on Chinuch‏
    Question #1: His own Lulav? “Am I required to purchase for my son his own lulav?” Question #2: Three-year old Tzitzis? “At what age should my son start wearing tzitzis?” Question #3: Minor Kohanim “I know that one must be very careful that a kohen, even an infant, does not become contaminated with the tumah of a meis. Yet I rarely see a child under bar mitzvah duchen. Is this consistent?” Question #4: Kiruv Kohanim “We are in the process of being mekarev a fellow who is a kohen. He enjoys joining us for our family outings, and we love to visit museums. Could this present potential halachic issues?”
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