The Education of Children and Students

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no creditKipa & Tzitzit for Children
At what age is a child obligated to wear a kippa and tzitzis?
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    Decisions in Education
    One of the wonderful things about childrearing is that according to a child's responses we can identify our own problems.
  • The Heavy Price Paid by Rabbis, Leaders & Their Children
    Most people don't realize the extent of self-sacrifice, both physical (financial, health, time, worry, etc.) & spiritual (e.g. their own learning, marriage, children) that rabbis, community leaders & general volunteers lose by serving their students & community. Rabbi's children especially suffer, resenting the high expectations from a very young age! Inevitably, some even rebel against religion or communal service, either consciously or sub-consciously holding "them" responsible for their lost time with their parent. Some rebel to gain their parent's attention. Rav Kook deals with these painful phenomena of literal Mesirut Nefesh (not just Mesirut "Guf"!) & the limits involved, explaining the importance of serving Am Yisrael= serving G-d.
  • Rav Kook on Youth: Either Spiritual Heights or Pornographic Cussing
    Rav Kook deals with the unproductive problem of daydreaming, sexual fantasy and pornography, and how it lowers one into a feeling of depression and loneliness, precisely missing the companionship that a true soul-mate is meant to be. He also deals with the problem of cursing, swearing and unclean speech, and the relationship between our thoughts, speech and actions, whether when used properly or misused. The power of speech is also directly connected with the Land of Israel where Hebrew, prophecy and leprosy for Lashon HaRa are apparent. This helps us understand speech in a modern context.
  • A Fiery Message
    The wonderful kids built the Beis Hamkidash with their own hands and suddenly...
  • Rav Kook's Tips on How to Keep Your Kids Religious:
    The Talmud in masechet Shabbat teaches that women who are careful to light candles (especially on Shabbat) can affect their children's spirituality. Rav Kook, explains this aggadita very uniquely, as well as that which is written there, that there's also a connection between our childrens' education and our care to observe Tzitzit & Mezuza.
  • Stealing the Afikoman
    An innocent line in the gemara about "grabbing matzot at the Seder so children will stay awake", is open to 5 totally different explanations in the rishonim, where each one sees it as a springboard for his personal educational theory. Each of these chinuchi and psychological approaches will hopefully, not only keep our children at the seder, but also "on the derech" of Torah and Mitzvot, to stay religious for the rest of their lives. In addition to the Talmudic analysis, the she'ur includes humorous anecdotes and personal experiences, which were originally delivered at a Shabbat HaGadol Drasha.
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