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  • Large Families - The Jewish Ideal
    Altough it would seem that the larger the family, the less the parents can give, studies show that the Jewish Ideal of large families contributes to better education and to a happier life.
  • Helping Your Brother
    The Torah tells us that in the same way we would not take interest from our brother we should not do this to any jew as we are all brothers.
  • Holidays - Quality Time with the Family
    Even more than Shabbat, the Holidays are a time in which families get together and strengthen the bonds of love.
  • Don't Sin, For Your Child's Sake
    Unfair as it might be towards the child born from an act of adultery, his Mamzer status which will haunt him for life, is the strongest deterrent the torah could set for the parents of this poor child, making them think twice before committing this grave sin.
  • A Wedding Every Month
    The law of family purity brings extra love into the family.
  • Serving G-d through Silence
    After Aharon loses two of his children he remains silent and accepts the willof G-d without questions.
  • The Birth of a Nation
    Much like a child being born, the nation of Israel broke through the waters of the red sea and were then fed directly by G-d until they were ready to stand on their own.
  • Parenting Never Ends
    Taking care of our children doesn't end when they grow up or get married, we must always be there for them with the same passion and guide them in the right path.
  • A Leader's Apology
    As parents we often make mistakes. This week's Parsha teaches us that even the leader of the nation is not expected to be perfect. He is, however, expected to publicly acknowledge his mistakes and apologize for them.
  • Redemption through Love II
    In this week's parsha we find that in the same way that Aharon did not envy Moshe for being the leader, Moshe did not envy Aharon for having his sons continue in the Cehunah role.
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