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חופשיI woke up late what do I do?
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    Trying to learn near a Minyan
    If I'm trying to learn near a Minyan, do I need to stop to answer every B'racha or Kaddish?
  • Kedushat Beit Knesset of a Rented Building
    Clients of mine want to rent out a building that has served for a family business to a religious group, who will use part of it as a shul. They are concerned that if things do not work out, they will get back control of the building with some of it having the restrictions of a shul, which would restrict their use of it. Is this a problem, and if so what can be done to obviate the problem?
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    Should I walk to Shul?
    Is there a preference of davening in a Shul as opposed to a house-minyan?
  • Sefarim under Seats
    In our shul, the seats have drawers underneath them to store chumashim, siddurim, etc. Thus, we sit over these books. Is that allowed?
  • Donating a Sefer Torah to a Shul
    People who own sifrei Torah often lend them to a shul. Is there any reason they cannot donate them (which can get them a tax credit)?
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    Shabbos pants
    Question:Someone in shul told me last Shabbat that I should not wear shorts to shul,he said that Shabbat is different. Why should Shabbat change the halacha?
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