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Arye MinkovWhat are we so happy about?
What are we happy about in Yom Hawatzmut? The state is a secular one and is guilty of corrupting many Jews. Rabbi Melamed with an inspiring sight.
  • The magnitude of the miracle of the establishment of the State of Israel
    The new, recently published book shows the extent to which we are not aware of the miracles that God does for us. Now we can get to know them a little more.
  • אריה מינקוב ק (1).JPG
    Why Celebrate Yom Haatzmaut
    Isn't this day over-rated? Does it really make sense to say Hallel?
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    From Destruction to Revival
    Rabbi Tzvi Yehuda Hakohen Kook, saw the terrible destruction of the Shoah in the context of the great construction of the Redemption.
  • Can We Count on Israel? Partially.
    Just like we don't rely totally upon the State to build Yeshivot, so too we cannot rely blindly upon it to actualize the values of Zionism.
  • The Value of Nationhood
    In the Book of Shmot, we are no longer individuals, as in Breishit, but rather begin to appear in history as a Nation. Why is a national framework so critical?
  • How Can We, As Orthodox Jews Support & Celebrate a Non-Religious State?
    The most basic quesion in religious-Zionism, is how can we religious Jews support & even selebrate on Yom HaAtzma'ut, a non-religious Jewish State? True, it's a lot closer than anything else around, and today, Israel is clearly the Torah Center of Judaism, and aside from the holiness and mitzva of Eretz Yisrael, what should our relationship be towards Medinat Yisrael? The Rambam already presents a precedent where we celebrate 200 years of sovereignty on Chanuka, even though admitting the Macccabean dynasy was problematic religiously (they were Kohanim & also for most of the 200 years not that religious, hellinists etc.). The she'ur concisely explains in 5 points, why a Jewish State is so important, even if it's not as religious as we like.
  • ריקוד דגלים בכותל
    The Holiness Of The State
    Is it appropriate to celebrate the establishment of the State of Israel which was established according to secular values?
  • דגל ישראל
    Appreciating Miracles
    Thanking God for the miracles and recognizing the good, lies at the very foundation of our redemption. Therefore, if we want God's works of salvation to continue, we must thank Him.
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