Shiurim about Pesach

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shutterstockThe Haggadah: A Guide To The Future
Why don’t we read the story from “Shemot”? Why don’t we mention the entrance to the land of Israel?
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    In the Wake of Passover
    The spiritual uplift one experiences during Passover leaves an imprint on the soul which remains fixed there even after the exalted days of the holiday have passed.
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    The Haggadah Structure
    Were it not for the Exodus, history would have simply come to a halt, and we, the Jewish people, would still be enslaved to the same Pharaoh.
  • The Hurt & the Hope
    The Jewish People languished in slavery & degradation for more than a century. Somehow, rather than blame Hashem for our sad state of affairs, we reached out to Him & looked to Him to save us.
  • Avraham’s Mistake
    Many have discussed the nature of Avraham’s sin of asking, “How will I know [my progeny will inherit the Land]”? Avraham speculated whether his children would succeed in handling the gift of the Land in a way that they would live an independent national life in it.
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    Haggada in Hebrew
    Must the hagada be read in hebrew? Or in whatever native language one knows (if they do not know hebrew)?
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    The Exodus - foundation of Judaism
    What is the difference between the daily commandment to remember the Exodus from Egypt, and the commandment to tell one’s children about the Exodus on Pesach night?
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    Clean For Pesach And Enjoy The Seder
    Every woman should be relaxed and alert at the Seder table. Clearly, the performance of her pre-Pesach duties must be balanced against her Pesach obligations.
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