Shabbat and Holidays

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Shabbat and Holidays
Shabbat and Holidays in
  • Homeopathic Remedies on Shabbat
    Is it permitted to ingest homeopathic remedies on Shabbat?
  • Richard Branson and The Ultimate Joy Ride
    It's easy to think of life as a trip through a treasure-house of experiences. Climbing Everest. Flying around the world in eighty days, or to the edge of space. The truth is that all the pleasures, all the experiences of this world, are given to us for one reason only: that we might sense to the smallest degree, the taste of life itself. But what is life itself if not our experiences in it?
  • How Not to Desecrate Shabbos
    The story of the mekosheish, the man caught gathering wood on Shabbos, in Parshas Shelach, contains a host of conflicting and unusual midrashim. The story also serves as a springboard for many halachic and hashkafic issues.
  • How Many Challot to Take Home?
    My neighbor works in a bakery, and when they have a lot of unsold challot. He encourages people at Maariv of Shabbat to come take as many as possible. I took what I thought I might use but not what I knew would go straight into the freezer because I thought it was hachana (preparation for after Shabbat). Is that correct?
  • Why Do We Say Shabbat Shalom?
    All right-thinking people in this world want shalom – peace. Why is it that almost since the beginning of time, peace has been elusive and often illusory. Shabbat holds the answer.
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