Shabbat and Holidays

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Shabbat and Holidays
Shabbat and Holidays in
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    Shabbat Shalom
    On which day may one start wishing "Shabbat Shalom"?
  • Responsive Baby Bassinet
    There is a special bassinet that provides motion and soothing noise and reacts to an infant’s crying by intensifying them. Is it permitted to use this bassinet on Shabbat, and if so, are there special instructions?
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    Scooter on Shabbat
    Are you allowed to ride a scooter on Shabbat?
  • A Deeper Take on Shabbat: Why is This Allowed & That Prohibited?
    This important lecture helps answer the classic question we all ask: Why are certain things allowed on Shabbat and others forbidden? Rav Kook, based on Kabbalistic sources, explains that the 6 days of creation and the Mishkan- the 2 classic "constrictions" (Tzimtzum) of God, are the anti-thesis of Shabbat. Accordingly only and precisely those 39 types of labor which were done to construct the mishkan correspond to the 6 days of creation, from which we want to rise above on Shabbat, to get a taste of the original Shabbat which preceded creation, and the final Shabbat, when all of creation will be like Shabbat. This basic and beautiful idea is clarified here in a very understandable way
  • An Agent Showing a House on Shabbat
    A congregant of mine is trying to sell his house. His non-Jewish real estate agent suggested doing an open house on Shabbat, a good time for many buyers. If the owner goes away for Shabbat, may he do that?
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