Serving Hashem

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Beit El YeshivaDo Your Part
A lot of work is required to establish something of sanctity. However, it is our obligation to act to accomplish such goals "as Hashem commanded Moshe".
  • Motivating to Kiruv - Influencing Others is Essential for Me!
    Thank God, the concept of "Kiruv", bringing others close to Torah is clearly on the agenda & being discussed more and more, whether in the context of NCSY, Lubavitch, Bnei Akiva etc. Rav Kook shows here how to motivate people of this essential idea.
  • Heaven Help Us
    Less than half of American Jews believe there is a heaven or a hell; not all that surprising, since that half also does not believe in a higher power or spiritual force of any kind. So I thought a few words were in order about Jewish tradition’s view of heaven.
  • A Tale of Two Mothers
    When Dalya and Shiri 'randomly' bump into each other at a concert they could never imagine how deeply connected they really are.
  • In a Heartbeat
    Mordechai Sultan woke up with chest pains. Hatzolah was at his door in less than 30 seconds. How did they get there so fast at 3:30 in the morning? And why were they carrying the specialized equipment that saved his life?
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