Praying in a Minyan

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israeltourismWhat are the rules of Davening alone?
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  • An Avel as a Chazan for Yamim Noraim
    Is it permitted for an avel (mourner) to serve as a chazan for Yamim Noraim (Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur)? Whose decision is it – the shul’s or the avel’s?
  • How can this happen?
    Quiz Question: Someone received revi’i, the fourth aliyah, Shabbos morning, and, later that day, received back-to-back aliyos?
  • Kri’at HaTorah at Mincha
    When it is not possible to get a minyan together for a weekday Shacharit, may we lain at Mincha?
  • Alerting People to Stand
    At our minyan, we take a sefer Torah from a beit midrash in which people are learning and return it to there. Sometimes when we return the sefer Torah, someone bangs so that everyone will stand up for it. Is this necessary?
  • Davening Late with a Minyan
    I went for Shabbat for a family simcha to a community with one shul, which started tefilla at 10:00 AM, after sof z’man tefilla. Was it better to daven with a minyan or by myself at the right time?
  • Making Up a Skipped Beracha during Shemoneh Esrei
    After Kedusha of chazarat hashatz, the chazan went to “R’ei v’onyeinu” instead of “Ata chonen” and finished the beracha before people succeeded to correct him. He went back to “Ata chonen.” When he got up to “R’ei v’oyneinu,” he did not recite it, reasoning that it was incorrect to repeat it. Was he correct, and why?
  • Waiting Between the Beracha and the Kri’at Hatorah
    In my shul (I am the rav), it is often too noisy to start laining right after the beracha. (How long/) may we delay the beginning of the aliya?
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