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Pesah will be celebrated Tuesday, 15 of Nisan 23/04/2024
Chol HaMoed Pesach in Israel will begin Wednesday, 16 of Nisan 24/04/2024 and ends Sunday, 20 of Nisan 28/04/2024

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  • Pesach Sheini
    Could you please review for me the order of pesach sheini night? I wanted to become Jewish before Passover, but it looks like it won’t happen. Is there any way for me to make up the korban Pesach that I will miss? I become bar mitzvah during the beginning of sefirah. Does this affect when I will bring korban pesach?
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    The Omer Process
    In the process of leaving Egypt and becoming a nation we distinguish between the initial state, the goal at the end and the process.
  • Splitting of the Sea on Independence Day
    According to Ben Zoma – whose ruling we accept, in that we mention the Exodus every night when we say Kriyat Sh'ma – we will not speak of the Exodus at all during the times of the Messiah. And even according to the Sages, though it will be mentioned, it will be clearly secondary. This raises a strong question: Did the Haggadah include this dispute simply in order to detract from the importance of the Exodus after the Mashiach comes?! We are all seated around the festive Seder table - is that the time to minimize the importance of out miraculous departure from Egypt?! The answer is that the opposite is true...
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    By the Seaside
    How could a slave nation, manage to survive a clash with these soldiers and chariots? This was a dead-end, and the nation of Israel now faced its greatest test of faith.
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