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Times for Pesach
Last time to eat ChametzAccording to Rav EliahuLast time to burn ChametzAccording to Rav EliahuChag beginsChag endsRabenu Tam
Pesah will be celebrated Thursday, 15 of Nisan 09/04/2020
Chol HaMoed Pesach in Israel will begin Friday, 16 of Nisan 10/04/2020 and ends Tuesday, 20 of Nisan 14/04/2020

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List of kosher medicines for Pesach (including baby food and vitamins)
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  • Concise and Innovative Insights on the Haggada for Your Seder
    Why do start the seder with "Ha Lachma Anya"? What is the Idea of not eating Chametz? Why do we scold the evil son, instead of welcoming him for coming?
  • Who is Mashiach Ben Yosef?
    There is a direct connection between Mashich Ben Yosef and Pesach, and that is why we read Haftara of the Atzamot Yeveshot of Yechezkel on Shabbat Chol Hamo'ed Pesach.
  • נרות שבת
    Would You Like One Day or Two?
    How do you keep a two day Yom Tov, and who is committed to do so?
  • קינואה
    Status of quinoa for Pesach
    What is the status of quinoa on Pesach? Do we treat it as being similar to rice and as forbidden or is it allowed?
  • matzah-1566456_1920.jpg
    Practical Aspects of Matzoh Baking
    What makes A Matzah kosher, and how to decide which Matzah to buy?
  • rose-2101475_1920.jpg
    Pesach, A Love Story
    Pesach is the period of our engagement, when we first "fell in love" with God and committed ourselves to one another.
  • siddur-776367_1920.jpg
    Mizmor Letodah and Pesach
    Why is Mizmor Lesodah not recited on specific occasions? Must we stand while reciting it?
  • תבלינים
    How to Make Charoset
    Are there halachot of how to make charoset, or is the (approximate) final product the important thing?
  • barley-field-1684052_1920.jpg
    Pesach Thoughts
    Pesach has three divisions of time to it. The beginning of Pesach, Chol Hamo'ed and the final day. Each one represents a different aspect of the Chag.
  • מצה
    Seder Night
    The story of the Exodus must be told in a spontaneous manner, bursting out of the depths of the heart.
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