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אריה מינקובThanking Hashem for a Variety of Valuable People
They all enhanced his life and deserved his affection.
  • What's The Solution to the 'Imposter Syndrome' & The Fear of Being Exposed?
    Rav Kook explains that there is no way to pretend and hide one's shortcomings and be an "imposter", for they eventually will be exposed and revealed, at least through Freudian slips. The solution is to focus, not on the façade, and not on the hidden self, but rather on improving my real inner self. This approach to truth explains how real tshuva actually turns even one's purposeful sins into benefits.
  • Play Write
    A teacher who wrote a letter to his student out of anger. The letter got sent accidentally...
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    Conceit and Divine Service
    God said to Israel: I treasure you, for even as I bestow greatness upon you, you humble yourselves before me
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    Stress Test
    for most of us, life and its petty annoyances, problems large and small and constant stress tests.
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    Do I Have to Tell the Truth?
    Someone who is meticulously honest and truthful will merit receiving the Presence of the Shechinah.
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    Remembering Sin and Its Root Causes
    The circumstances that surrounded the sin needed to be recorded as part of the effort to receive full atonement.
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    Plagiarizing, Loshon Hora, and Employee Responsibility
    Halachikly is there an Isur to Plagiarize?
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    Freedom of Will and Challenge
    One of the most important foundations in understanding the human soul and improving character traits is the understanding that man is created with freedom of will.
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    Types of Pious Abstinence
    Abstinence which weakens these faculties is undesirable.
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