parshat Yitro

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shutterstockDon't be indifferent!
What did Yitro hear? What caused him to leave his home and go to the wilderness? What happened that he couldn't be indifferent?
  • The Secret to Long Life
    eExamining the commandment to honor one's parents, and the particular way one must do so in order to reap the promised reward of long life.
  • Bless You
    One of the prayers was greeted with the Aliyah of the admonishment and a hassle broke out. David, one of the prayers, gave a solution, but was he right?
  • A Nation of Leaders
    What can there be in common between the practical advice of a Midianite and the timeless words of Revelation itself? There is an intended contrast here and it is an important one.
  • It's a Package Deal!
    Hashem first spoke all 10 commandments at the same time. what was the purpose of doing it?
  • A Human Justice System
    One of the basic lessons learned from Parashat Yitro is that there is no perfect system of justice if it involves human beings and judges.
  • Out Of This World
    Why do we say "Pnei Shabbat Nekabela"? What does the Shabbos have to do with the face?
  • Pulling Teeth
    May I pull teeth on Shabbos? Does clipping fingernails on Shabbos involve a Torah prohibition? On Yom Tov, may I dig up earth to perform the mitzvah of kisuy hadam?
  • What Does the “Thickness of the Cloud” Mean?
    Special clouds accompanied our ancestors already from the time of Avraham and Sarah. In the Exodus from Egypt, the accompaniment of the cloud takes on national significance, and in our parasha, the matter is specifically stressed.
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