parshat Vayishlach

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cc-by-nc-sa2.0 Sangjun YiRachel is Weeping
At present, Rachel the Matriarch continues to offer supplication on behalf of her children. Rachel is weeping, and her children weep with her.
  • The Prohibition of Chanufah
    According to some opinions, Yaakov may have been guilty of chanufah in his interactions with Eisav in this week’s parsha. What is chanufah and what did Yaakov do?
  • Guarding the Honor of Israel
    Some people ask if it is permitted to endanger oneself for the sake of the honor of the People of Israel. It seems from this week's Torah portion that the answer is yes.
  • Not Leaving the Fathers by Themselves
    With a trembling of happiness and pain, we open this conference with the words of Yaakov Avinu from this week’s parasha – “I am small in relation to all of the kindnesses … now I make up two encampments” (Bereishit 32:11)
  • Rachel Imeinu: The Mother Who Never Stops
    In honor of our Matriarch Rachel, about whom we learn in this week's Torah portion of Vayishlah, we present a collection of thoughts on what she stands for, and what all mothers stand for.
  • The Parable of the Tribes
    The story of Dina is an extraordinary passage. It seems to lack any kind of moral message. No one comes out of it well. What teaching does the Torah want us to draw from this narrative out of which no one emerges well?
  • הרב זלמן - פרשה אנגלית.jpg
    Ya'akov's Messengers
    We learn that Ya'akov actually sends the angels on a mission! How is it therefore possible that angels could function as the agents of a human being? Angels are not "Children of the covenant!"
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