parshat Vayigash

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A Shiur by Rabbi Baruch Zalman Melamed for the weekly Torah reading of "Vayigash".
  • Jacob sent Judah before him... to guide him: like Jacob, like the Ben Ish Chai
    What did our father Jacob ask of Joseph just before he went down to Egypt? And how are these things related to good leadership?
  • The Birth of Forgiveness
    Joseph forgave. That was a first in history. Yet the Torah hints that the brothers did not fully appreciate the significance of his words. After all, he did not explicitly use the word ‘forgive’. He told them not to be distressed
  • Did He Know?
    How much did our father Jacob really know about the events previously described in the Torah readings? There are various streams of thought regarding this matter.
  • All Together Now!
    Yakov is anxious. Frightened. Scared. He is about to leave Israel, the land he knows is his true home, for the depraved environment of Egypt. On the other hand, he is desperate to be reunited with Yosef.
  • A Haftarah from Yechezkel
    Who chose which haftaros we read? In what ways is the book of Yechezkel unusual? Why is the haftarah on Shabbos seldom from Yechezkel?
  • The Hidden Sale
    Before revealing his identity, Yosef commanded all others to leave the room (ibid. 45:1). Why was this important to him?
  • Heart To Heart
    The language that needs no translation.
  • שיג ושיח
    The Unexpected Leader
    A Shiur by Rabbi Jnonathan Sacks ZT"L for the weekly Torah reading of "Vayigash"
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