parshat Vayechi

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no creditThe End of an Epoch
The parsha of Vayechi marks the end of the story of the house of Yaakov. The parsha tells us of the end of an era that spammed many long centuries.
  • When Can We Lie?
    Humans are destined to conflict so long as contending groups each claim to have a monopoly of the truth. The only way they will learn to live at peace is by realising that they will never in this life achieve truth as it is in Heaven.
  • Life’s Loose Ends
    With typical Torah irony, the parsha of Vayechi – “and he will live” – is centered around death. Both Yakov & Yosef, two of the greatest personalities in all of Jewish history, will pass away in this final sedra of Sefer Bereisheit.
  • Future sight
    Judaism and the Jewish people always look toward the future even when their current circumstances are bitter and sad. Jacob himself appraised it when he said he would receive his reward tomorrow.
  • Boycott Israel?
    The BDS lobby is a powerful force in world politics. Where does its power come from?
  • More on Sales and Family Repair
    The reunion that we saw last week returns in our parasha for a “second edition.” The crying is renewed, and the question of how to repair the torn fabric of Yaakov's family is back on the table in full force after Yaakov’s death.
  • Kindness and Truth
    Why does the Torah call the prohibition of incest 'kindness'? Why didn't Jacob want to be buried in Egypt?
  • Insights
    Conflict and Purpose
    A Shiur by Rabbi Zalman Baruch Melamed for the weekly Torah reading of "Vayechi".
  • שיג ושיח
    Moving Forwards
    A Shiur by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks ZT"L for the weekly Torah reading of "Vayechi".
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