parshat Trumah

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The Yeshiva WebsiteGodly and Earthly
"Between Heaven and Earth" The Holy Temple in Jerusalem is an earthly revelation of the Holy Temple which exists in the heavens, and so it is concerning all one finds in our world.
  • The Home We Build Together
    The sequence of the next few parashot outlines the construction of the Tabernacle. Why so long? why is the making of the Mishkan in the book of Exodus at all?
  • The Love We Make = the Love We Take
    The Moody Blues said it well: “And when you stop & think about it, you won’t believe it’s true: That all the love you’ve been giving, has all been meant for you". But they weren’t the first to say it...
  • Do You Believe In God
    If you would ask me if I believe in G-D the answer would surely be yes. But do we always think of G-D?
  • Is It Time To Rebuild The Temple
    he order in which Redemption must take place, and how we will know when the time has come to rebuild the Temple.
  • Moshe's Big Task
    Human beings are very possessive when it comes to money. Heaven therefore placed a great burden on our teacher Moshe when it required him to ask the Jewish people to part with their wealth to build a holy Tabernacle.
  • The Wisdom of Women
    One of the special services that the women were able to provide in the construction of the Mishkan was in weaving materials.
  • amotterumah80.jpg
    Is It Time To Rebuild The Temple?
    A short video connecting the Parasha To the land of Israel.
  • Is It Time To Rebuild The Temple?
    In this week's Parsha, we are commanded to build the temple. According to the Rambam, we should first appoint a king, then destroy Amalek, and then build the temple.
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