parshat Tetzave

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shutterstockHashem's Presence
Hashem will not magically appear to Israel - He desires for man to look within and take action, to build a structure with reflection and pure intentions.
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    Upon the Heart
    What's the special emphasis and conection between the Hoshen and the heart and what are the three things that Aaron has upon his heart?
  • “Aharon Will Arrange them”
    How does the mitzva of the oil and the lighting end up in the middle of the blueprints of the Mishkan, in between the description of the structure and its holy vessels and that of the glorious holy garments of the kohanim?
  • The Counterpoint of Leadership
    One of the most important Jewish contributions to our understanding of leadership is its early insistence of “the separation of powers”. Neither authority nor power was to be located in a single individual or office. Instead, leadership was divided between different kinds of roles.
  • How Temple Laws Apply To Modern Israel
    Using one of the laws of the Temple found in Parshat Tetzave to teach something insightful about the building of the modern State of Israel.
  • The Similarities Between Tetzaveh and Purim
    There seems to be great similarities between this Torah reading and the reading of the book of Esther on Purim. Throughout the entire Torah, we find that the name of our great teacher Moshe (after his birth) is found in each weekly portion, with one lone exception. In Tetzaveh Moshe’s name never appears, even though we are aware that Moshe is the one who wrote this portion of the Torah and taught it to the Jewish people for all eternity. We are aware that Moshe is the hidden author, the director of events behind the scenes.
  • How Temple Laws Apply To Modern Israel
    I this week's Parasha we learn that the laws of the Mishkan are precise. On the other hand, in the process of the construction of the temple, the builders are allowed to derive any benefit they want from the temple.
  • Down to the Earth and Up to the Sky
    In describing the dwelling of the Shechina (Divine Presence) in the Mishkan, our parasha says: “I shall dwell in the midst of Bnei Yisrael … I took you out of the Land of Egypt to have My Presence dwell in your midst” (Shemot 29:45-6). Rashi says that Hashem took Bnei Yisrael out on condition that He would have His Shechina among them, and the Ramban adds that this dwelling of the Shechina is for Hashem’s benefit.
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