parshat Shmot

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shutterstockThe Less Understandable Request
It is hard to understand the way Moshe and Aharon presented their demands of Paroh, demands which resulted in the freeing of Bnei Yisrael from bondage and their exodus from Egypt.
  • Jewish Idealism
    There were Jews who were willing to cooperate with the governmental authorities in policing the Jewish slave society. Eventually, these Jews also found themselves to be the victims of the Pharaoh and his cruel decree.
  • On Not Obeying Immoral Orders
    The opening chapters of Exodus plunge us into the midst of epic events. Yet it is one small, often overlooked episode that deserves to be seen as a turning-point in the history of humanity. Its heroines are two remarkable women, Shifra and Puah.
  • Reluctant Heroes & Jewish History
    But is this really Moshe? Does the great defender of Israel – humble as he may surely be – not want to help save Am Yisrael from their dreadful plight?! It almost seems that Moshe is more concerned for himself than for us!
  • Are The Jews Traitors?
    A common accusation against Jews is that they hold a divided loyalty. This is true but it's not the divided loyalty that most people think.
  • As a Hammer Smashes Rock
    Why are so many elements in Tanach only clarified by connecting different sections of Biblical text? We should understand that all of Tanach is one book, which is composed of 24 sub-books.
  • How I Became an Ambassador for Israel
    In Egypt the Jewish People didn't change their names, their dress, or their language. They were a very conspicuous minority. As we began - so we continue...
  • The Value of Nationhood
    In the Book of Shmot, we are no longer individuals, as in Breishit, but rather begin to appear in history as a Nation. Why is a national framework so critical?
  • A Legend In His Own Lunchtime
    Even though he grew up as a prince in Egypt, Moshe never forgot his roots.
  • Insights
    View From Above
    A Shiur by Rabbi Zalman Baruch Melamed for the weekly Torah reading of "Shemot".
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