parshat Naso

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During our lengthy exile an ascetic approach is appropriate. Since we have returned to our Land, the right approach is not separation from - but sanctification of - our material reality.
  • Red white and green
    In Parshas Naso, the Torah requires the banishing of a metzora from the camp. Chazal understand this to mean that he is not permitted to be within any city that was walled from the time of Yehoshua (Keilim 1:7).
  • Bitterness or Bracha – Choose!
    We complain about the conditions of the desert; the lack of water; the shortage of meat; the taste of the miraculous Mahn. Even Miriam & Ahron get into the act when they complain to Moshe about his neglecting his wife Tzipora. We find fault with everyone & everything.
  • Twelve Offerings
    The overwhelming number of interpretations concentrate on the idea that even though the offerings may physically have been identical, the spirit and motivation of each differed from individual to individual, and tribe to tribe.
  • The world like a tree, and roots – the Holy Temple
    How does the enumeration of Israel cause the infusion of the divine presence within Israel?
  • The Role of the Levites in Israeli Society
    The Torah reading of this week continues with the count of the different families within the tribe of Levi. We are aware that this tribe has been chosen for public service in the Temple and, generally, on behalf of the Jewish people. They do not own land, and their financial support is based upon the tithe that the Jewish people contributed from their produce.
  • Two Versions of the Moral Life
    Is a Nazirite positive or negative? Or maybe it's both of them?
  • הרב זקס (1).jpg
    Two Versions of the Moral Life
    Is a Nazirite positive or negative? Or maybe it's both of them?
  • Who's In Control?
    Three diverse subjects combine in our Parsha: The Sota, the Nazir & Birkat Kohanim. Plus Shavuot this week. Is there a connection between all of them?
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