parshat Ki Tetze

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A Shiur by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks for the weekly Torah reading of "Ki Tetze".
  • Against Hate
    Ki Teitse contains more laws than any other parsha in the Torah, and it is possible to be overwhelmed by this embarrass de richesse of detail. One verse, however, stands out "Do not despise an Edomite, because he is your brother. Do not despise the Egyptian, because you were a stranger in his land."
  • The Parent & Child Reunion
    Which Mitzvot in the Torah promise long life as a reward?” Most answer, Kibud Av v’Ame & Shiluach Hakeyn. That’s right, but it’s also wrong! There is a third Mitzva, found in our Sedra, which also promises arichat yamim, the requirement to have honest weights & just measures.
  • Finding Our Power & Channeling It
    "When you go out to war against your enemies…" Going to battle means "going out," leaving our regular routine and habits. The Torah educates us to gentle behavior, to making concessions, and certainly not to kill – under normal circumstances. But in wartime, killing Israel's enemies is a mitzvah, and requires one to become nearly a different person, one with great strength and aggressiveness. These are traits that can cause a person to lose the proper balance...
  • Returning Lost (Spiritual) Items
    The story is told of a brother and sister who set out to search for spirituality. Each one found something: The brother found and returned to Judaism, while his sister fell under the influence of a guru in India and decided to remain there...
  • Two Levels of Struggle
    The war against Amalek can take place on two planes – a maximalistic plane and a minimalistic plane.
  • We Are Our Own Worst Enemy
    The Torah speaks of making war upon one's enemy. Who is this enemy? There is a rabbinic tradition that The enemy described is not so much a physical or national enemy as it is a spiritual or societal foe.
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