parshat Ki Tetze

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SacksThe Limits of Love
Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
  • On the Book, the Sword, and “Bots”
    In the middle parashiyot of Sefer Devarim, telling of the time soon before entering Eretz Yisrael, the topic of war comes to the fore. We will look at one case in our history in which the “sword” was connected to the “book” in an interesting way. There are many elements to waging war. In the battlefield, people use weapons to kill or incapacitate. Today, technology is employed against the enemy, whether operated in the battlefield from afar or by infiltrating their important systems. Psychological warfare is a modern and ancient tool. Last week, we read the Torah’s instructions to soldiers not to be afraid of an intimidating army (Devarim 20:1-3).
  • Ask the Rabbi: Whose Responsibility Is Raising the Wall?
    I built my house years before the next-door property was developed, with an approximately meter-high wall between properties. My property is 2 meters higher than the next one; now they are excavating to build the other house, there will be a 5-meter drop, which I feel makes it dangerous for my children. [He seems to be building according to the permit he received.] My neighbor had agreed to pay for raising the wall, but now is unwilling to pay the significant cost. We cordially disagree whether it is his obligation. Have I misjudged the matter?
  • Fulfillment of the prophecies of consolation in Safed
    What can we conclude from the flight of the Arabs from Safed in 1948?
  • The Secret to Israel's Victory in War
    We may feel no legitimacy for those who fight HaShem's people – or else we can lose.
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    To the Third and Fourth Generations
    Covenant and Conversation - Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
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