parshat Ha'azinu

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Yeshiva.coThe Arc of the Moral Universe
A Shiur by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks for the weekly Torah reading of Ha'azinu.
  • Perek Shirah
    Parshas Ha’azinu, which is almost exclusively a song written by Moshe Rabbeinu, provides an opportunity to discuss a collection of pesukim and midrashim called Perek Shirah that has become quite popular in recent years.
  • A Leader’s Call to Responsibility
    When words take wing, they modulate into song. That is what they do here in Ha’azinu as Moses, with the Angel of Death already in sight, prepares to take leave of this life.
  • Hut One, Hut Two..
    Moshe’s final speech is really biting & critical. So much talk about all the negative things that can & will happen to us if we stray from G-d. I ask you: Is this really how Moshe wants to be remembered?
  • Nature's Testimony
    These last chapters of the Torah, culminating in this week's reading, are all very serious and have an almost fearsome quality and tone. Heaven and earth are called upon to be the ultimate witnesses regarding the covenant that the Lord has made with Israel for all time.
  • Hashem, Our Protector
    Parashat Ha’azinu comes out a couple of days before Sukkot, and it is instructive to look for themes that are common to the two.
  • Jump at the Israel Opportunity
    An answer to the question, "If Moshe didn't merit to enter the Land of Israel, why should we?"
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