parshat Ekev

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pixabayChoose It or Lose It
If you were given one last opportunity before you died to speak to your family, what would it be?
  • Choose It or Lose It!
    If you were given one, last opportunity before you died to speak to your family, your friends or your community, what legacy, what lasting message would you impart to them?
  • The Mitzvah of Learning Hebrew
    "...In his commentary on the Mishna, Maimonides attributes equal weight to the study of Hebrew and to the joy we must feel on the Festivals - and even to the mitzvah of circumcision..."
  • Cry Me a River
    Our Sedra is famously known as "Parshat Eretz Yisrael." While virtually every Sedra in the Torah stresses the centrality of Israel, Ekev makes it crystal clear that G-d, Torah & Eretz Yisrael form the 3-legged stool upon which the Jewish People eternally rests.
  • How much must I Bensch?
    I mistakenly recited al hamichyah, when I was required to bensch. Am I now required to bensch?
  • To Lead is to Listen
    “If only you would listen to these laws …” (Deut. 7:12). These words with which our Parsha begins contain a verb that is a fundamental motif of the book of Devarim. In fact, this verb appears no less than 92 times in Devarim as a whole.
  • Formula for Jewish Life
    In this week's portion, the Torah indicates that there is a simple formula for Jewish life. If we follow the commandments of God and observe the laws of the Torah, the Jewish people will be showered with blessings.
  • The Right Time for Calculations
    Moshe asked: "What does Hashem ask from you but to fear Him?" The Gemara points out that unlike for most people, this was a trivial task for Moshe. Actually, the purpose of the giving of the Torah is fear of Hashem.
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