parshat Beshalach

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Beyond the 4 AmotThe Holiest Most Heavenly Food on Earth
A short video connecting the Parasha and the land of Israel.
  • The Holiest Most Heavenly Food On Earth
    Looking at the holiest, most heavenly food that the Israelites ate while in the wilderness. Why did they not receive this special food after they entered the Land of Israel?
  • Freedom From the Exile
    we read in the Torah the final chapter of the liberation of the Jewish people from Egyptian bondage and slavery. Yet, the Torah goes to great lengths to point out to us that freedom as a concept cannot exist in a vacuum.
  • Looking Up
    The contrast between before and after the Red Sea could not be more complete. Facing the approaching Egyptians, do nothing. In the case of the Amalekites, however, go fight.
  • The Right Thing, for the Right Reason
    Just when they thought it was safe to leave Egypt, they would again face an existentialist danger at the banks of the Reed Sea. Why did Paro change his mind once again?
  • Burning Bridges
    The sedra of Beshalach teaches us how one should Deal with the difficulties in our life.
  • Passing through the Waters … of the Jordan
    The splitting of the Yam Suf, retold in our parasha, was one of the most important events in the story of our Exodus from Egypt. Did David also split the Jordan river?
  • Carrying Nitroglycerin on Shabbos
    Is there a way whereby a person suffering from angina or other heart disease may carry his medication on Shabbos through a public thoroughfare?
  • The Holiest Most Heavenly Food on Earth
    In this week's Parasha the Manna falls down from heaven. this continued until they reached the border of the land of Israel. Why does the holy food stop when we enter the holy land?
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