parshat Behar

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The Yeshiva WebsiteThe Earth is the Lord's
A Shiur by Rabbi Zalman Baruch Melamed for the weekly Torah reading of "Behar- Bechukotai".
  • What's First - Messiah or Aliya
    Looking at the Ohr HaHayim's commentary on this week's Parshat Behar to discover the answer to the centuries-old question: Will Redemption come miraculously or by natural means?
  • Creators Belonging
    The idea behind the sabbatical year remains fixed in the minds and hearts of the Jewish people wherever they may live. And that basic idea is simple: that the world and all its land belongs to and is subject to the will of the Creator.
  • Different Types of Respite
    Sefer Vayikra was given during Bnei Yisrael’s period in the desert. It is therefore telling that the Torah already relates as a given fact the situation in which they are working the fields of Eretz Yisrael, suspending work during Shemitta and Yovel, and following the rules of transactions regarding real estate in the Land among other financial matters.
  • What's First - Messiah or Aliya?
    Who must initiate the redemption of Israel? Will it be G-D through blatant miracles, or will the Jewish people gradually awaken to return home? The Or Hachaim answers that question based on this week's Torah reading.
  • הרב זלמן - פרשה אנגלית.jpg
    The Earth is the Lord's
    Weekly Shiur of Rav Zalman Melamed for the weekly portion "Bechukotai"
  • הרב זקס (1).jpg
    Evolution or Revolution?
    Weekly Shiur of Rav Jonathan Sacks for the weekly portion "Behar"
  • Freedom – For Whose Sake?
    After the seventh in a series of Shemitta cycles, Bnei Yisrael, in the time that “all its inhabitants” are in Eretz Yisrael, are commanded in the laws of Yovel (Vayikra 25:8-13). There are three main halachot: Jewish slaves are set free (ibid. 10); the land is not worked, as in the previous Shemitta year (ibid. 11); fields that were sold are returned to their original owner (ibid. 13).
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