parshat Balak

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no creditA Very Pessimistic Man
Bilaam was a brilliant, critical, and pessimistic person who knew how to identify a weak point at any given moment.
  • Tarshish, Canals and Divrei Hayamim
    We will soon discover that attempting to identify “Tarshish,” mentioned numerous times in Tanach, will lead us to a fascinating search! Let us start with the most basic of questions: Was Tarshish a person, place, or thing?
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    Einstein on the Parsha
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  • A Tiny Part of the Picture
    The majority are good. The minority are evil. Stay away from the "Bilams" and "Bilamism"; get closer to Moses our Teacher.
  • My Personal Revelation
    We generally relate to a ‘revelation of Eliyahu' as a profound moment in which Eliyahu the Prophet himself appears to us with a message. But is this really so? What is the personal and communal revelation of Eliyahu to all Jews of the world?
  • The Curse of Loneliness
    The battle against antisemitism can be won, but it will not be if Jews believe that we are destined to be alone. That is Bilaam’s curse, not God’s blessing.
  • Extras In Our Own Epic
    There’s something unusual about Parshat Balak. It’s the only parsha in the Torah where the Jewish People, the “stars of the show” seem to only have a “walk-on” part. We see Bilam and Balak close up as they plot to destroy the Jewish People, but Israel is only seen in the background – almost off-camera. Why is this?
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