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no creditAliya Vs. Children Education
Someone told me that children of people who make Aliya are in a bigger danger of Leaving the Derech. If so, should I make aliya?
  • Only Jews Who Acknowledge Israel Can Belong To It
    ...The fact that Moshe wasn't buried in the Holy Land is not a punishment ... but is rather the straight-out reality! That is, whoever does not acknowledge that the Land is his, no matter what the reasons for this might be, simply does not belong to it; the Land does not want him...
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    This Land is Our Land
    It is only when we appreciate the fact that this land is our land, received from Hashem, that the claims of the nations are silenced.
  • G-d: "I want Israel in the Land - even if they defile it!"
    Here's a question that repeatedly arises: Given that we see some Jewish communities that by and large traditionally observed the Torah and its commandments, yet ceased doing so to a significant extent after they immigrated to the Land of Israel – was it worth it? There were great rabbis who said, prior to the Holocaust, that religious Jews should not ascend to the Land as long as its Zionist leaders were sinners and sometimes even heretics; perhaps they were right?
  • A Two State Solution- Land for Peace in the Middle East
    The world, and many politicians, feel that a Two-State Solution in the Middle East is the only chance for peace. Without getting into the question whether we can actually trust our enemies and believe them that they may actually lay down their weapons, we must also deal with the question, what does Judaism say on this important topic? Both the Land of Israel and Peace are important Jewish ideals, so what should we do if the two conflict?
  • Is It Permitted to Buy an "Investment Property" in Judea/Samaria?
    I would like to buy a home in Yesha (Judea/Samaria) in order to make some money Is this appropriate, or should I assume that it is not a good idea, because it makes it harder for others to fulfill the commandment of settling the Land of Israel?
  • Must I Honor My Parents if They Tell Me Not to Live In Judea/Samaria?
    What if one's parents tell him not to live in Judea/Samaria? Is living there considered an extra important mitzvah, and therefore he should ignore his parents, or is it only a "beautification" of the existing mitzvah of living in the Land of Israel?
  • Should Rabbis Be Present at Jewish Outpost Expulsions?
    Should rabbis be present at expulsions of Jewish outposts in order to direct the resisting teenagers in accordance with halakha?
  • How Should One Repent For Oslo?
    How does one do teshuva for voting for a party that participated in carrying out the Oslo Accords with the Palestinian Authority?
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