Megilat Esther

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Arye MinkovPurim Is Here - What Do I Do?
A short summary of the Halacot of Purim
  • Why Esther Insisted It Be "Megillat ESTHER"
    Beyond the sanctity of the pious and righteous ones is that of Clal Yisrael.
  • Remembering Amalek, Destroying Amalek
    The Chofetz Chaim said, "Because we are approaching the time of the Messiah, and we will soon have to destroy the seed of Amalek, we are going to need a lot of strength. You must therefore stay fit so that you have the strength to carry out this task."
  • Ester and the Dawn
    Purim serves as an example of what things will be like in the Messianic Age, for, in the time of Purim, the Jews merited seeing the light amidst the darkness, a situation which recalls the verse, “Though I sit in darkness, God is a light for me.”
  • God's "Absence" from the Book of Ester
    Achashverosh. Slightly less than two hundred times do we meet "the king" in the Book of Ester. A king of flesh and blood, one of "three who ruled with an iron hand" (Megillah 11:1) The King of the Universe, on the other hand, is not mentioned even once.
  • The Four Secrets of the Megillah
    One Miracle After The Other; Marching Unyieldingly Towards "Good"; How to Measure? Israel!; The Quadruple Secret
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