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No creditThe Role of Parents in Marriage
Today, parents can fulfill the commandment of marrying off their children by providing them with a good education at prestigious schools, supporting them so that they be able to learn a profession.
  • Sheva Berachot Every Day of Sheva Berachot?
    Is it necessary, proper, or at least recommended to have a sheva berachot celebration every day of the week of Sheva Berachot?
  • Stories from the Mikveh
    Two small stories on how keeping the family purity Halachos come with devotion.
  • A Layman's Guide to Marriage
    I was told that I should not include quotations from pesukim on my daughter’s wedding invitation. Yet, I see that ‘everyone’ does! Could you please explain the halacha? "I wish someone could walk me through all the halachic steps that we need in planning our daughter's wedding. I am afraid I'll forget to take care of something.
  • Breaking a Plate with a Religious Text
    A friend made an artistic plate to break at my daughter’s engagement party. The pasuk, “ahavat olam tavi lahem” (bring them eternal love) is written on it. May we break such a plate?
  • How Can I Improve My Spouse?
    My husband comes from an anti-religious family, and it took me a long time to help him overcome the obstacles and agree to build a traditional home. Unfortunately, I have still not been able to convince him to wear tefillin. Do you have an idea how I can help him to want to do so?
  • An Intimate Conversation
    Is there any problem with having an intimate conversation with a woman who isn't your wife? Does it harm the connection with one's wife? Based on an article by rabbi Yoni Lavi.
  • When Compassion & Holiness Come to a Head
    Two issues have surfaced recently. Public calls have been made, to allow occasional light physical contact between spouses during the period of niddah, and to officially accept same-sex couples into our communities. How does the Torah instruct us to deal with them?
  • the Book of Complaints
    My wife and I labored long and hard over the invitation list and over the seating arrangements for the wedding dinner. We invested a great deal of effort and energy in trying to make sure that, to the best of our ability, everyone would be satisfied, and no one would be unduly disappointed.
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