Lag Ba'omer

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shutterstockThe Secret of Mount Meron
What is it about this amazing phenomenon of hundreds of thousands of people streaming every Lag B'Omer to the gravesite of Rabi Shimon bar Yochai?
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    The Secrets of Lag BaOmer
    What secret connects Yosef, Moshe Rabeinu and Rashbi? And how does this connect to the redemption we are now experiencing?
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    Focus on Rabbi Akiva
    We should focus on Rabbi Akiva when speaking of Lag Ba'Omer seeing as he is the main Character mentioned by our sages.
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    Does the Counting Count?
    If one mentions, before counting omer, that “Tonight is Lag Ba’omer”, can he subsequently count with a beracha?
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    Respect For Others
    The twenty-five thousand pupils of Rebbe Akiva all died in the days of the Omer Untill Lag Ba'Omer. We should learn to respect each other espcially on these days.
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    Rabbi Kook on Rashbi
    Join us for a 10 Shiurim series on Rabbi Kooks attitude to Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai
  • The Secrets of Lag BaOmer
    The minor holiday of Lag BaOmer, coming up next Thursday, is traditionally associated with the Divine Tannaitic Sage, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai (Rashbi) – as well as with the thousands of students of Rabbi Akiva, who "stopped dying" on this day. Both of these are connected to each other...
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    Shoping During the Omer
    Is one permitted to buy new jewelry or cloths online in the knowledge that they will arrive on Lag B’Omer or after Shavuot?
  • 7. Throwing Clothes into the Bonfire and Praying at the Gravesites of Tzadikim
    Many people had a custom to throw expensive clothing into the bonfire at Meron, explaining that they do so in honor of R. Shimon bar Yoĥai.
  • 6. The Custom of Giving Boys their First Haircut
    Some have a custom to refrain from cutting their sons’ hair until they reach the age of three. When their son reaches that age, they cut his hair and leave his sidelocks.
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