IDF Memorial Day

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IDF Memorial Day
IDF Memorial Day in
  • The Pain and the Pride
    Israel is a roller-coaster, a thrill ride; We are currently in the "sandwich," in the segment between the twin triumphs of our glorious redemption from Egypt, and "Exodus 1948," when we re-established ourselves as a sovereign country.
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    The True Meaning of Yom Hazikaron
    Should we portray our pain over the fallen soldiers in somber hues, or should we try to understand the essence of Am Yisrael, and investing meaning into the soldiers 'self-sacrifice'?
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    "Yom HaZikaron" - A Personal Note
    A personal note from Rabbi Zalman Melamed, as a young Army Rabbi, to a bereaved family.
  • Rav Kook on Why Are There So Many Wars in the Process of Geula
    The young State of Israel has seen so many wars, and the question is: We would have thought that the redemptive process of Y'mot HaMashiach would include gradually having more and more peace! We shouldn't be surprised because the prophets teach us that Milchamot Gog u'Magog, where the nations try and take away the Land of Israel, is part of the plan, but why? Rav Kook relates to the Godly altruism and unity which inevitably are part of war, not only on the battle field but where all Jews especially help each other, more than usual. The class deals with the innocent and righteous who are killed in war, and the special status of the non-religious soldiers in their especially unique altruism.
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    A Time To Remember
    The holy soldiers who fought for the cause, all too often paying the ultimate price
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    "Yom HaZikaron" - A Personal Note
    "Despite the great differences between us there is much more uniting us than separating us."
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