Gush Katif Expulsion

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Israel Defense Forcesresistance and giving away the Land of Israel
When Jews are settling in their home in Israel, and the government decided to expel the jews from their home, what is the proper response?
  • “It Will Not Come to Pass”
    The concept of a “false prophet” only applies to prophecy. The greatness of a Torah scholar does not depend on his ability to predict the future. It depends upon his greatness in Torah, his exemplary character traits, and his devotion to God.
  • To the Settlers of Gush Katif
    People of Gush Katif, you are presently paining and perplexed, and we share in your suffering. Yet we are full of faith that by enduring these trials and understanding that they are “pangs of the Messiah,” you will ascend to a new and better reality.
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