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shutterstockPreferences in giving charity
Guidance regarding what takes preference in matters of charity.
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    Zecher LeMachatzit HaShekel
    Why do we give it? Who needs to give it? How much is one obligated to give? When and to whom should one give it?
  • Change of Policy
    Do we have to allow beggers from out of the city to come and collect donations in our city? r\Rav Neventzal answers with a story from the Gr"a.
  • Is Rounding Up Ribbit?
    I was told that the "Paybox" app that allows sending money enables payments only of full shekalim. So when my wife and many others use it to repay a friend who bought something at the grocery that has an agurot element, they must round the numbers. Is rounding up a problem of ribbit?
  • Backing Out of a Pledge to a Jewish School
    May one to decide not to go through with his donation pledge to a Jewish school? If so, must he take steps such as hatarat nedarim?
  • Givers Keepers
    A powerful story reminding us what we give away is what we keep forever.
  • The Kosher Way to Collect a Loan
    Although it is a very big mitzvah to lend money, some people are reluctant to do so because they know of loans that proved difficult to collect. Must you lend someone money if you are not sure it will ever be repaid? What do you do if you lent money to someone who seemed very honest and sincere, but now that it comes time to repay, he informs you that he is penniless? What may you do and what may you not do to collect your money? How can you guarantee that you get your money back?
  • Using Tzedaka Funds for Grandchildren’s Education
    Can one use ma’aser money to pay for their grandchildren’s education? Is there a distinction between grandsons and granddaughters or Judaic studies and general studies? If it is permitted, may I putting money in a 529 fund (which earmarks savings for education, primarily post-secondary in return for tax breaks for the donor in the US)?
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