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Chanukah in
Candle Lighting Times

Sunset (Ashkenazic-Ashkenazic )
Nightfall (Sfaradi and Ashkenazic-Sfard)
Shabat Ev
Before lighting Shabat candles

  • 11. A Married Person Who Is Away from Home
    If a married man goes alone on Ĥanuka to visit friends or family while his wife remains at home, his wife must light the candles, and this exempts him from lighting.
  • 10. Guests on Shabbat Hanuka
    When a family goes away for Shabbat, the hosts’ home is considered their home on that Shabbat. Thus, the guests should buy a share in the host’s candles for a pruta, which allows them to fulfill their obligation through the host’s lighting.
  • 9. Guests
    When a family is visiting friends or relatives at candle-lighting time, it is not considered their home for the purpose of candle-lighting, so they cannot fulfill their obligation to light Ĥanuka candles there.
  • 7. Waiting for a Family Member
    In many families, the question arises as to the appropriate procedure when one’s spouse cannot make it home from work by tzeit. Is it better to light at tzeit or to wait for his or her return?
  • 8. Lighting Before Shki’a or Late at Night in Pressing Circumstances
    One who was unable to light Ĥanuka candles by 9 PM may light all night until dawn. However, he should recite the berakhot only if it is very likely that someone on the street will see his candles.
  • 6. Delaying Candle-Lighting When Necessary
    If one finds it difficult to return home by tzeit, he may light later. One should try to return home as soon as possible, in order to light close to the ideal time ordained by the Sages.
  • 5. Friday Evening and Saturday Night
    On Friday evening, obviously one may not light candles after sunset, since Shabbat begins at sunset, and on Shabbat one may not light a fire. In addition, one should not light immediately before sunset because of the mitzva of tosefet Shabbat
  • 4. The Proper Time and Duration of Lighting
    The Sages ordained that one must light the Ĥanuka candles when the miracle will be publicized most effectively.
  • 3. Apartment Buildings
    Nowadays, many people live in apartment buildings. The best place for them to light is in a window facing the street or on a porch facing the street, as this is the most effective way of publicizing the miracle.
  • 2. Private Homes
    The Sages’ enactment seems to indicate that in the past there was no concern that the wind would blow out the Ĥanuka candles that were lit at the entrance to the home.
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