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  • All in the Family
    The cataclysmic Battle of the Brothers, so feared by a trembling Yakov - who had dreaded this confrontation for 22 long years, since the day he wrested the birthright from his twin Esav – never materialized.
  • Jacob's Flees
    We seem to find our father Jacob always in some sort of flight. He flees from the wrath of his brother Eisav and spends decades in exile in the house of Lavan. Eventually, he is forced to flee from Lavan
  • Silence And Solitude
    Positive role models can only take us so far in our search for maturity. How do we step into the shoes of our mentors and become role models for others?
  • Camels and Gamals – For Better and for Worse
    Through hard work, honesty, and Divine Assistance, Yaakov left Charan with great riches. However, when Yaakov describes to Eisav his material good fortune, he mentions everything but camels. Where did they disappear to?
  • Three Kinds of Love
    Judaism is supremely a religion of love. Judaism is also about justice. So why this combination of justice and love? Why is love alone not enough?
  • Ya'acov's Dreams
    We see in this week's reading that it is our father Jacob who is really the master of dreams.
  • Yo-yo; G-d Is in the House!
    Rav Moshe Feinstein says that Hashem davka wanted Yakov to sleep in that sacred spot! For what Yakov "did not know," & what G-d wanted very much to teach him – and us! - was that every activity we perform in life can be a holy act, if only we have the right outlook.
  • Do I Have to Tell the Truth?
    May I take credit for something that I did not do myself? Must I make a full disclosure when it may cause a negative outcome? Is it permitted to “add” to the truth?
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