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  • Yosef & His Brothers / The National Religious & the Left
    A comparison of the relationship between the left-wing and the Jewish population of Judea and Samaria (Yesha), and the first ten sons of the Patriarch Yaakov and their young brother Yosef.
  • Family Complications
    The story of Joseph and his brothers reveals both the strengths and weaknesses of mortal beings and a family structure.
  • The Heroism of Tamar
    It is thus no coincidence that Tamar, a heroic non-Jewish woman, became the ancestor of David, Israel’s greatest King. There are striking similarities between Tamar and the other heroic woman in David’s ancestry, the Moabite woman we know as Ruth.
  • The Runaway Train
    Sometimes people can be as destructive as a runaway train. How do you stop them? An insight based on Parshat Vayeshev
  • Chanuka Lite - Take a Bite!
    What did the Maccabim do when they found that 1 jar of unblemished oil? Did they put all the oil in the Menora at one time, so at least 1 day would be a "pure" & complete Mitzva? Or did they divide up the jar & place 1/8 of the oil in the Menora each night, so as to at least do some of the Mitzva?
  • May a Tzaddik Request Tranquility?
    Could it be wrong for a tzaddik to ask for tranquility and must he suffice only with reward in the World to Come?
  • Rachel Imeinu: The Mother Who Never Stops
    In honor of our Matriarch Rachel, about whom we learn in this week's Torah portion of Vayishlah, we present a collection of thoughts on what she stands for, and what all mothers stand for.
  • The Parable of the Tribes
    The story of Dina is an extraordinary passage. It seems to lack any kind of moral message. No one comes out of it well. What teaching does the Torah want us to draw from this narrative out of which no one emerges well?
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