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Welcome to the Bet El Yeshiva book shop.
Following is a catalog of books which can be ordered through the Yeshiva. You can read some of them on the site free of charge.
Notice! Some of the books are cheaper if bought through the internet, than through direct marketing.
Note that books are in Hebrew.

To order books - Phone: +972-2-9709588 or Fax: +972-2-9974603 or click here.

* Prices do not include shipping & handling, unless otherwise indicated.
* Shipping & handling reffered to are in Israel.

Pninei Halacha
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Pninei Halacha
Rabbi Eliezer Melamed
A unique and comprehensive series of books on Halacha by Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, Rosh Yeshiva and Rabbi of the Har Bracha settlement.
The tradition of the Halachic ruling is presented with the great Eratz Yisrael spirit.
The books are written very clearly for all to understand. Many spiritual reasons are brought to explain various Halachot, different customs are brought as well.
The Halachot are explained from the basic rules to the details with a special accentuation on practical issues.
Over 300,000 Pninei Halacha books were sold so far which are being learned in thousands of homes and educational institutions in Israel.
The books are translated to a few languages.
To order books from the series "Peninei Halakha" translated to English, click here.